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Smoking bug spray on paper

Smoking bug spray on paper

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Do not miss out on this bug spray infused paper special sale.

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Odorless bug sprayed papers

Using our odor neutralizing technology, we make sure the sprayed paper is completely ordorless. We use fragrance free bug sprays.

sending directly from the attorney’s office

Your bug sprayed paper will arrive as legal mail and therefore will not be opened.

Safety Precautions

Everything is done with quality control standards in a vacuum space to make sure at the end, the only compounds left on the paper are the pyrethroids. These pyrethroids are what is responsible to get you high.

how to smoke bug spray
bug spray high effects

The effects are indescribable. This shit will get you so high that you will want more every few hours. 

Cheaper than k2 spice spray on paper

Paper is sprayed with bug sprays like RAID, WASP and clone roach. We also use roach motels to produce papers that will get you high to another level at a much cheaper price than k2 paper.

how to smoke bug spray

After receiving the bug spray on paper, you can either smoke it or just ingest it. Smoking wasp spray on paper is called wasping. Called KD or Katie by some and roach spray by others, our bug spray on paper is guaranteed to make feel like you’ve never done before. Order now and have it delivered to you in jail. We offer overnight shipping.

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Smoking bug spray on paper

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Bug spray on paper — Fun is closer than you think

When you’re deprived of access to things you love to do, eat, drink (and smoke!), you may want to throw in the towel. But the joy of living isn’t location-specific. With the smoking bug spray trend kicking into high gear — and Wasp and RAID repellents having a lot of high-inducing ingredients — you can now have fun wherever you are.

Bugsprayonpaper.com is here to serve inmates and other people with restricted access to all the pleasures of life throughout the US and worldwide. Our bug spray on paper is the best alternative to K2 and can safely make it to the most protected places like jail. Visually, our infused paper looks like a normal A4 piece to avoid suspicions. But once you smoke or ingest it, you’ll instantly realize it has nothing to do with normal A4 paper.

Smoking bug spray on paper sparks off your central nervous system and makes you overly excited. This happens due to pyrethroids contained in bug sprays. They account for the effects that stir you up upon smoking and are always checked for purity when bought from Bugsprayonpaper.com.

Buy bug spray on paper with overnight shipping

Our bug spray-infused paper is ready to be dispatched as soon as you order it. You’ll receive it as a regular piece of paper in legal, confidential mail. Each piece is laced with 25ml of bug spray, but it’s 100% safe to deliver because it’s:

  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Checked for any warning signs

Our shipping process is tried-and-true even for the most secure places. We’ve set up the attorney’s office to dispatch our products as legal documents that would be illegal to open.

Are you excited to join people smoking bug spray to see what this fun is all about? Order today!

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