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Making the bug sprayed paper odorless

Opening of Shop

When we started this venture in 2028 many thought it would be impossible. At first we did not have a website. Thanks to our prime analytical and quality control methods, we have been able to make this impossible task a reality. We can proudly say today that we can ship bug spray infused papers to jails legally.

Best Seller

Compared to the more popular k2 spice spray, the bug spray is more cheaper and has more effects. After smoking/ingesting the bug sprayed paper, you can be rest assured you will visit the moon and come back. And the effects last for hours meaning you will be high like you've never been before.

Our Vision

We aim to bring cheap bug sprayed paperss to inmates in jails accross the United States and the world. Bug Spray On Paper is not only the best online shop where you can buy bug sprays like WASP and RAID on paper. We make the paper is ordorless and colorless. We also send directly from the attorney's office making the mail legal mail.

our features

for convenience of choice

You can choose any particular type of bug spray you want sprayed on the paper.

delivery to all location

We ship to all major jails in the United States and arround the world.

best qualty products

After processing, our bug sprayed papers have no ordor nor color. Just the pyrethroids from the bug spray are left to get you high.

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Getting the bug spray gets you high
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