bug spray on paper

 Smoking Bug Spray On Paper 

Smoking Bug Spray On Paper easily in jail. Bug Spray On Paper, the best online shop where you can buy bug sprays like WASP and RAID on paper. On the street, this drug is commonly called KD. Bug spray on paper is a way cheaper alternative to k2 spice spray on paper.

Bug Spray High

Smoking bug spray on paper. Bug spray on paper? That seems like a paper which kills bugs. It could be true. Nevertheless in our case here at bugsprayonpaper.com, the paper is sprayed with bug sprays like RAID, WASP and clone roach spray. We also use roach motels to produce papers that will get you high to another level at a much cheaper price.

Smoking Roach Spray

Why sell bug spray on paper? Well with the growing methods used by law enforcement to tackle drug access in prisons, we have to come up with new and affective ways to make the long stay in jail seem shorter. This is also a cheaper alternative to k2 spice spray on paper.

What Bug Spray Gets You High

The process of making bug spray on paper or wasp spray high is not just by spraying RAID, WASP or any other spray on paper and ship. We have two main points of priority:
  1. Making sure the bug sprayed paper odorless:  to achieve this, we use odor neutralizing technology. This consist of using engineered materials consisting of micro-sized particles that capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds or catalytically convert the odor molecules into non-odorous molecules. This is done in a vacuum space to make sure at the end, the only compounds left on the paper are the pyrethroids. These pyrethroids are what is responsible to get you high.
  2. Getting the bug spray infused paper to you in jail without it being intercepted: In most US prisons, all mail is opened, read and or inspected. The sole exception to this is legal mail. This is the reason why we send directly from the attorney’s office. It will arrive as legal mail and therefore will not be opened. Before shipping will collect every information needed.

How To Smoke Bug Spray

After receiving the bug spray on paper, you can either smoke it or just ingest it. Smoking wasp spray on paper is called wasping. Called KD or Katie by some and roach spray by others, our bug spray on paper is guaranteed to make feel like you’ve never done before. Order now and have it delivered to you in jail. We offer overnight shipping.

Bug Spray High Effects

The effects are indescribable. This shit will get you so high that you will want more every few hours. And its way cheaper than K2 spray.

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