RAID bug spray high on paper

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RAID bug spray high on paper.

odorless and colorless

Each A4 paper contains 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of bug spray

An A4 paper is a Letter size paper which measures 8.5 by 11 inches.


Buy smoking RAID bug spray on paper

What may seemingly be a repellent to get rid of household insects for some is a proven way to get high for others. This smoking RAID bug spray has been used to infuse an A4 piece of paper with pyrethroids, which are potent high-inducing ingredients found in the repellent. The result is more than just a piece of paper for those seeking a new experience without common drugs. Once you smoke or ingest RAID bug spray on paper, a high is produced in the twinkling of an eye as pyrethroids trigger central nervous system effects. These are often described as mental and physical arousal or feeling euphoric with an irresistible urge to experience this again. What makes this paper ideal for high-seekers is that it’s laced with 25ml of RAID ant and roach spray brimming with pyrethroids. The infused paper neither appears yellowish nor emits any pungent odors, making it all the craze among those who have difficulty getting high, including inmates.

Why getting and smoking RAID bug spray on paper is safe

Any smoke may be dangerous if you do it wrong. You don’t want to get too high with pyrethroids if the effects are too potent for you. Don’t go overboard with this stuff, and always smoke as much as you can handle. If you’re keen to try it, getting this paper from couldn’t be safer. We accept Cash App payments for smoking RAID bug spray online orders and ship infused A4 paper in legal mail. This way, we can get it to any address in the US and beyond the states while making sure your “mail” isn’t opened by those who are not supposed to open it. The price for this paper is way lower than for K2 or similar products. Order now!
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